im never not tired.

interested in every thing thats not me. 

sick of looking at my fucking phone.


that old bitch

making me feel shit,


I dont like only people that like me. I dont like many people, that doesnt make me better, it makes me worse

I’m angry all the time, I dont understand why the nicest smartest people take drugs, its not that they take drugs, its that they have shit attitudes. I hate it. I have a shit attitude. I’m not a good person, I’m getting fat. people dont listen to me when i talk, then wonder why I yell. Not getting worked up from time to time is boring. I feel bad for my friends that have a shit time, but then it makes me have a shit time and i cant control it. Me caring makes me feel shit. I don’t like any of my friends. I hate everyone. except one. 

I want a ciggerete. Cigerette? Smoke

I want a ciggerete. Cigerette? Smoke

Fucking fuck. Stupid people. Stupid fat arse. Stupid bus. Stupid flu. Stupid school. Stupid stress

constantly being angry and frustrated is wearing me out,

I don’t know how to shut off.

fuck tumblr is not good.